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    I5-3427u HD4000 Turbo Core Clocking Issue


      After a couple of Direct 3D tests. I have concluded that there are clocking issues when balancing processor power with Graphics power. This turbo core technology, from what I see, is more geared towards graphics power. This, I think is a serious issue. For my particular computer, I think the best balance between performance and graphics is about 1.3GHz Processor frequency and 650MHz GPU frequency. The reason why I say this is when rendering GPU intensive tasks and playing it back, it stutters heavily because the CPU keeps dipping into its minimal state 800MHz to keep temps down and keep GPU frequencies high. I'd rather see a slow smooth stable playback than an fast/slow inconsistent playback. This happens during games also, I have test Borderlands 2, Dirt 3, etc. I understand the thermal limitations of such a system, but I think there should be better balance instead of being more lenient against CPU or GPU. Basically I'm tired of these frequent CPU dips into the 800MHz clock to keep temperatures low and GPU Frequencies High. If possible, can Intel provide a tool allow us to choose the maximum frequency of  the GPU to allow us to choose whether we need the processor power or the GPU power and let the Turbo Core Technology adjust to our preferences. At least for the advanced users. Maybe put it in the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel in the 3D category.


      Also, slight issue with Windows. In task Manager, it keeps showing the wrong clocks. I.E. it shows 2GHz when its really 2.6GHz


      System: Macbook Air I5-3427u

      GPU: HD4000 512MB



      OS:Windows 8 (BootCamp)