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    Intel hd 2500 driver causing boot failure in windows 7


      i recently installed windows 7 on my new system  with core i3 3220,previously i had windows 8 it was not booting after 3 months of use,

      after installing windows 7 and installing all drivers ,system is restarting at windows 7 loading screen,when i uninstalled all the drivers using windows 7 safe mode then windows booted normally, so in order to diagnose the problem i installed each driver at a time and restart.and thats how i came to know that intel hd is causing problem.

      maybe its driver or hardware.

      what should i do ?

      claim warranty or try something else?

      i installed latest intel hd 4000/2500 driver for windows 7 64bit from intel website.

      everything works fine when intel hd driver is not installed