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    Cancel-able Rebuilds.

    Jerry Post

      "Why can I cancel raid rebuilds sometimes and at other times don't have the option in iRST 11 on XP & w8pro?"

      During my move to Win 8 Pro & the many setup/install crashes & reboots that came with it, different arrays keep rebuilding & I can only sometimes cancel them. I've been wondering for a long time now, is there some reason to this behavior? It happens in my XP installation too, & has, as long as I can remember. Just thought I'd ask a seemingly simple question to start, before I get into diagnosing my new issues. THANKSif    -Jerry

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          Could you please provide a screenshot of the cancel option that you are referring to? As per the design of the application, only verifying (or verify and repair) processes being done to the array are "cancel-able", rebuilds may not be paused or stopped through an option.