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    DX58SO & Core i7 D0 stepping BIOS Connundrum


      I'm interested in purchasing the Intel motherboard DX58SO. Before I place my order, in order to avoid RMA upon RMA until I hit the jackpot, I need confirmation that the ordered product will support the new Intel i7-D0 stepping processors that are being offered by many online merchants - I have the i7-920 D0 stepping (SLBEJ), but online merchants will not assure me that I will get the latest batch of compatible AA# boards - most current Intel release being: AA# E30149-502, presumeably with AA# E30149-503 not far behind.


      According to Intel, these new core i7, D0 stepping processors require the motherboard to have the most recent BIOS installed, otherwise the processor may not be recognized, making it impossible to boot into BIOS setup or impliment a BIOS update. No doubt, this connundrum also applies to all recently released Core i7 processors added to merchant's shelves: i7-950 & i7-975, alos D0 stepping CPUs


      In other word, if I were to purchase a DX58SO, to be paired with an i7-950, do I need to worry about the motherboard being unable to recognise the newly created CPU by an older mismatched, motherboard BIOS? If so, how do I go about purchasing an Intel DX58SO that I can verifiably match to the required compatibility of my currently owned Intel CPU?



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          As I said in another post, I also wanted this board and am stopped by this. Unfortunately, your only options are to wait until Intel gets with the program and replaces those older mobos out their with newer revisions or buy another brand if you can't wait.

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            .......Or, do as suggested in your other post: Since the consumer can not possibly know or ascertain through divination which BIOS has been loaded into the DX58SO motherboard about to be purchased, until it is installed and fired up, be prepared to offer up a battery of RMA sacrifices until the correct version appears to boot the newly stepped i7 D0 processor. What a way to win hearts and minds; or lose hearts and minds previously acquired!


            We must not fault Intel completely! They do vigorously pursue BIOS fixes and issue revisions like no other. But, when it comes to issuing an entirely new set of stepped processors within the same family, Intel would serve itself and its customers much better if it simultaneously provided matched motherboards, containing compatible BIOS updates for the newly stepped processors to which they can 'easily' be paired, including part numbers by which they can be, 'unambiguously' recognized and purchased by the consumer.


            Well, unless someone here has another better suggestion, Im snagging a DX58SO from Newegg, middle of next week. Hopefully it wont take a string of RMA'd, open boxes to find a compatible BIOS for my newly acquired i7-920 D0 stepping processor.


            Best Wishes


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              As we said in the other posts, so far I don't see any other option than to wait for the new revision of this board.


              Or if you already have the board running with the previous stepping of i7, and thinking to get a D0 stepping, then definitely you must update the bios to latest before you get the other processor. Another alternative will also be if you have a friend or know somebody who has the previous stepping and willing to lend you or use his/her processor on your board just to be able for you to update the bios. ( but that's really last resource if you cannot wait for the new revision of board and really want to get the DX58SO).



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                At time of placing order, if I am capable of correctly ascertaining which version of BIOS may or may not be present, through divination of Tarot cards, perhaps I will not need to knock on neighborhood doors in search of older version CPU to flash defunct BIOS, should I be so unlucky in my lottery pick.




                Best Wishes

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                  Due to the stupidity factor of this issue, Intel should be turning RMA's around on this issue at their highest priority and have motherboards back to customers in less than 5 days. Intel can simply ship a new mobo to customers via 3-day Priority Mail upon receipt of their incompatible, intact mobo or offer customers a phone option where they can purchase another board direct from Intel shipped overnight and have their charge card credited when Intel receives their RMA request.


                  Anything less in this situation is almost insulting. I still shake my head in awe as to how Intel could have made such an error, and they only have one board on the market, you would think they could get it right...........

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                    FYI: The D0 revision chips should boot even with an older DX58SO BIOS.  I've done it.  So, you should at least be able to do a BIOS upgrade if you are paranoid and don't want to install the OS without an official "supported" BIOS.  Yes, I did that too.


                    The same is true for other X58 boards I've used, like ASUS and EVGA.  So, "unsupported" stepping does not mean "doesn't work at all."  Of course, your mileage may vary.  If it isn't working for others, I don't know what to say...

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                      Thanks grommet, et al, for responding to this.



                      Already having the D0 stepping i7-920 in hand, I was really sweating in determining weather or not to get the DX58SO, for the obviously ambiguous BIOS compatibility issues raised here and elsewhere. I can now confirm what 'grommet' has posted below, and others have posted here: http://communities.intel.com/message/23222#23222



                      Not really knowing which BIOS blessed version of the board I would receive, nor being able to get seller to devulge the AA# printed on the side of the box, I ordered one from Newegg anyway. I received: AA# E30149-503, which suggested to me a minimum BIOS version of at least: SOX5810J.86A.3504.2009.0218.0058, but was hoping for version: 3828 at least.




                      Following installation of the DX58SO, I made certain that I had the most recent ISO image of the BIOS burned onto a CD. To check current version of BIOS, I set motherboard's jumper to boot into maintenance mode, which it did without a hitch. Sure enough it was BIOS version: 3504, supposedly incapable of booting newer D0 stepped i7 processors. Setting my optical reader/writer to number (1) in the pecking order of boot drives; inserting my CD imprinted with Intel's latest ISO image of the BIOS - version: 4014, I shut the computer down, reset jumper to: NORMAL, crossed my fingers and booted with the CD containing the ISO image. Flash completed successfully! Removed CD; F10 to save BIOS settings; everything works great as far as flashing the BIOS, enabling it to support a D0 stepping core i7 processor, at least as far as the i7-920 D0 is concerned.










                      Thanks Again!  My question was ANSWERED. 5 Heinekens each to all participants!



                      Now onto chasing down some answers regarding 64-bit Win7 anomalies!

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                        I received a E29331-501 board from NCIX (Bios should be 2127) and of course I got a D0 stepping Core i-7 920...I do not want to go to the trouble of building the system only to have to RMA the board (which I am trying to do now with NCIX...would it even be possible with Intel?). Has anyone had any experience getting the Core i-7 920 D0 to boot with the BIOS 2127?


                        The vendor (NCIX) is giving me trouble to RMA the board because they say they are not responsible for the BIOS version supplied by their supplier...I am saying that they sold me a product that will not work for the purpose intended and thus is defective (there was no indication of what BIOS I would receive on the website and I was not aware of non-compatability with the D0 i-7s that they them selves are currently shipping these chips). If they can confirm with Intel that the board should boot with this BIOS revision I would be happy to keep the board and give it a try.


                        So did anyone get it to work with this BIOS?