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    Full height bracket for X540-T2




      I ordered 15 X540-T2 cards from Dell only to find out that they don't include the full-height bracket:


      2-port Intel Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X540-T2 - network adapter - 2 ports : Computer Components | Dell


      The description says low profile, but I assumed that refers to the card itself. All other places where the card is sold state that it comes with both brackets, so I never imagined that Dell is selling something different. I've already contacted their support to see if we can get the brackets separately, but if not, is there another source from which we could get them? I couldn't find anything. I'd really like to avoid having to return these cards, but we can't install them in our servers as it stands.



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          Yes, the retail adapter, product code X540T2 comes with both brackets and the full height bracket is installed. There are some adapters made for OEMs that only have one bracket, but they have a different part number.


          The NIC package inside the brown box should look like the picture below with a separate low-profile bracket in the box:



          I took a photo of the label with the product code X540T2 for comparison. What is the product code or part number on the adapters you have?



          You cannot order the brackets separately, so you will probably end up exchanging the adapters with Dell for the right adapters.

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            Hi Mark,


            The forum isn't letting me upload photos (I get "Unauthorized" error after clicking "Insert image"), but there are at least two differences between your adapter and what we have. First, our adapters have a fan instead of a passive heat sink. Second, they don't have the label shown in your second photo. The back of the cards have three small stickers: MAC, Date of Manufacture: 08/2012, and DP/N 03DFV8 MY-03DFV8-12402-288-0097-A01. The front has a sticker next to the PCIe connector with the 'A' serial number followed by: 322AD G44743-006.


            Dell's site (link above) clearly states "Manufacturer Part# : X540T2," which is what I used when searching for the adapter. The cards came in the same plastic package, but with the low-profile bracket already installed and full-profile one missing.

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              I am sorry about any misunderstanding. DP/N 03DFV8 (Dell Part Number) is a Dell custom version of the adapter. You will want to contact Dell directly with questions on those adapters.


              Mark H

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                Understood, thanks for your help. Just out of curiosity, which version of the heatsink is more recent - active or passive? Or is this an option that OEMs can choose?

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                  Sorry, I do not have the information available for the timing of the designs or if this was a choice by the OEM.