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    Secure Boot logo test WHCK failed on DH77EB


      We have runing Windows 8 vertification tests on Intel Desktop Board DH77EB.

      We get a problem to pass 'Secure boot logo test', we got an error:


      Error7.12.2013 12:46:55.668 AreNotEqual(0, 0) - After ExitBootServices(), attempting to call GetVariable() on an existing variable with attributes "NV,BS" should fail.
      File: Need_SymbolsLine: 0
      Error Type:
      Error Code: 0x0
      Error Text: Error 0x00000000
      End Test7.12.2013 12:46:54.168 Microsoft.UefiSecureBootLogo.Tests.VerifyBootServicesVariableBehavior
      Result: Fail


      We have try to upgrade to newest bios, so some have told, that might be a bios bug. But all the time we get this error.

      In powershell by cmdlet - 'confirm-securebootuefi' result is True, spo secure boot is enabled and should work.


      Depending on 10/18/2012 Intel Desktop/Motherboard WHC Report, there is no information about Errata or Contingencies, that this test should fail, or isn't possible to pass.


      Is there some Ideas what to do in this case?