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    Intel Ethernet Connection I217-LM (WinPE drivers)


      Hi everyone,


      We purchased a few DELL Optiplex 9020s that came with an Intel Ethernet Connection I217-LM ethernet controller, and I've been unable to find the correct WinPE x64 drivers for this adapter.

      From the Download Center I found what I thought were the correct drivers. In the EXE, I found some WinPE drivers, but apparently these aren't it as I'm not able to connect to my network when I boot up using WinPE.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction to get the correct drivers please?



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          I had same Problem with Dell Latitude E6540 and I think it's the same Driver needed in Opt9020. The Driver package from Dell has actually a Problem (in Version A01). So I've downloaded the Network Driver directly from here (Intel Download Center). Extracted, I added the Driver of the following Folder: .\\PROWinx64\PRO1000\Winx64\NDIS63.

          Kind regards


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            Same problem here - cannot get I217-LM NIC to work with win PE. I tried Intel LAN Drivers 18_3, 18_4 and 18_5.


            Thanks for any help

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              Problems here too with Dell, but I downloaded the 18.5's, extracted to flash, and f8'd the WinPE.


              drvload e1d63x64.inf

              ipconfig gave me an IP address. Going now to inject and test these drivers.

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                Thank you very much.

                Finally i got it working.

                I tried to add the Drivers to an offline WinPE Image but it seems, sometimes not all files were copied to the Destination. I removed the faulty Driver and readded it, then all files were copied and the NIC was recognized by WinPE.

                Thanks again.

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                  We recently purchased some Dell Optiplex XE2's and we're having this same issue. As soon as the machine boots into WinPE, it loses its IP address. Sadly, none of the drivers included seem to be working when I load them with drvload while in WinPE. Any additional help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!


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                    We recently purchased HP Z230 workstation and have same issue.  I217-LM drivers will not load into WinPE.  Have tried adding all drivers from PRO1000\Winx64\NDIS62 but none work.  Checked driver on the computer I'm trying to take the image from and it is using e1d62x64.inf.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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                      I had the same problem with laptop DELL latitude E7440.
                      This computer have a Intel Ethernet Connection I217-LM controler.
                      When boot on my USB SCCM 2012 media to install Windows 7 x64, I haven't IP address.

                      So has said Runner1979, I try to load this driver \Pro1000\Winx64\NDIS63\e1d63x64.inf, and now i have an IP address

                      Now I can add this driver in my SCCM boot image

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                        Hi, in case anyone is still having an issue with this the version of this driver I had to use was very specific.  the latest realease did not work.


                        The driver was from release 18.6 and it was:


                        CatalogFile = e1d6332.cat

                        DriverVer = 08/29/2013,

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                          Amazingly not one single person has mentioned the version of WinPE they are using! Is the original thread referring to the problematic NDIS61 drivers in WinPE 2.1 or some other version? I'd like to help in testing a solution to the problem if it's the same one I've experienced but not one person can contribute with any certainty without details of the real issue here.


                          It might be just that since it's tagged with sccm2012 that a certain version of WinPE is implied so I apologise if I'm incorrect! For an observer with other products that use WinPE and this network chipset though it would be useful to specify the exact setup for them to assist.

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                            I am having a similar issue.  I have a Dell E6540 with the I27-LM and I am using Ghost Console.  I have loaded the driver (version 19) from \\PROWin32\PRO1000\Win32\NDIS62 into my WinPE folder, but upon pulling the original stock image from the Dell I am getting a IP address.  I have seen this before with Ghost due to a driver that is not working.  Ghost only likes Vista x86 drivers; however the I27-LM does not have a Vista driver.  Any Ideas?  I am trying other versions of this Intel driver (18.7 and 18.6) but it seriously takes 10 minutes to load each driver into Ghost, so I will be around.

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                              GOt my fingers crossed...looks like PC-DOS is the way to go.

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                                Ok guys, I got a similar problem, and solved it.

                                I got some new computers with intel I217-LM ethernet controller. And I had to make it work with a Windows vista (6.1) 32bit WinPE .

                                So I downloaded the vista driver for I210 ethernet controller, extracted all files from the exe using winrar, then I edited the e1r6032.inf file from folder PRO1000\Win32\NDIS61 .

                                in the [Intel.NTx86.6.0.1] section I added:

                                %E153ANC.DeviceDesc%            = E1533.6.0.1,         PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_153A&SUBSYS_1825103C

                                and in the [Strings] sections:

                                E153ANC.DeviceDesc              = "Intel(R) I217-LM Gigabit Network Connection"

                                What it does is use the intel i210 ethernet controller driver for the i217-LM device. I had to look up the device id in Windows, to make it match. So if you plan to use this method, check the device id of your network card first.

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                                  Kamouille:  Nice suggestion, except I couldn't get it to work in GHOST WINPE 2.5.  And like you stated make sure your SUBSYS matches.


                                  We just recently got some dell 7020 and 9020 units and that is why i started to look.  Symmantec doesn't do support for stuff like this, as GHOST is a dead product, but they are willing to sell you a maintenance kit if you want to upgrade your WINPE 2.5 to 3.0 but that should be free.


                                  Both machines use the i217-lm NIC and would not allow us to use the GHOST WINPE and of course talk to the ghost console to push and pull images from the ghost client workstation app.  We couldn't get an IP.


                                  But now I was able to make up a driver set to work for i217 LM network drivers and storage drivers for the dell 7020/9020 as well in GHOST WINPE and now able to push and pull images from the ghost console without any issues.


                                  If someone needs them let me know. send a pm or msg here.

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                                    I had the same problem but instead I was trying to install Intel i217 PRO Ethernet drivers on a custom computer I built with Windows Vista x86 installed. The drivers from the motherboard's manufacturer didn't work and kept giving me an error stating something on the lines of "No Intel devices were found" and would suddenly stop the installation. I figured I would try to install the drivers manually by right-clicking the questionable device in Device Manager, and updating the drivers. I would browse the computer for the drivers, but instead of finding the location I would choose "from a list of device drivers on my computer", and pick the Intel i210 Gigabit Ethernet drivers. The installation went successful. Afterwards, I updated to the ones from the motherboard's manufacturer by installing it over the Window's drivers. That installation went successful as well. Hope my advice helps.

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