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    USB header adapter



      Ive been trawling the net, but I cant seem to find an adapter that would allow me to put an internal usb port without hacking cables together , does anyone know of one that would fit . All i need is a single port for a small USB key



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          You may search in the sites provided below; however, I may not be able to suggest anything in particular.






          NOTE: These links are being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.

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            Hello flipside101,


            Our NUC development team is interested in finding out what our customers use the internal USB header for. If you don't mind, we'd appreciate knowing...


            Do you have a specific add-in device that you plan to plug into the USB header? What make and model is it? How would it be used?



            Lois H.


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              Attached is the link for the USB Header that works with the NUC.



              StarTech USB A to USB Motherboard 4-Pin Header F/F 2.0 Cable, 6" (USBMBADAPT)


              I attempted using this for the internal IR but that didn't work as the metal shields the IR very well. I've seen a few mods out there but I don't want to drill into the metal. Hence switched to the bluetooth version of the remote.


              Hope this helps.    

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                HI, the NUC is a DCCP847DYE and playing an important part in my familys life as an HTPC running openelec. It runs happily of a USB key and its that or the RF adapter (if it would work in a metal box) for my keyboard id like to take internally.


                The external USB ports are used currently used by the USB key, RF receiver and an IR receiver (something that would be a great addition to a future NUC model) .


                One other point id ask you to pass on that could be improved  is the lack of ability to power on from cold via USB as currently I have to use suspend.





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                  Thanks for your suggestion , I had seen that but thought 6" of cable would be a bit big with a possible effect on cooling.





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                    I use the NUC i5 version as well for my media center. It works very well. I have windows 7 256gb SSD, and Bluetooth and wifi built in card. I use the PS3 remote as its Bluetooth, the range is very good. Very detailed and far range. I also use the Bluetooth Lenovo keyboard with trackpad, but I do see myself using the Logitech wireless keyboard a lot more as its very stable.


                    I had played around with FLIRC for Infrared but that wasn’t close to being as good as the Bluetooth version. The PS3 remote is very stable and a very good build quality. Can’t go wrong with Sony. If you need help with the mappings, let me know anytime.


                    The cable is slightly large but you can squeeze it in if you like. However a big point to note, the Internal IR or FLIRC both wont work once the lid is closed. I got the FLIRC as it is known to have the best IR range.


                    If I were you I would ditch the IR concept over the Bluetooth solution. The remote is about 16 on Amazon. With that price range you can’t go wrong. Besides you will have to buy the internal Bluetooth card. Below are the links for the remote and the Wifi/Bluetooth component.


                    Bluetooth + Wifi. Note: I use the Bluetooth from the combo only.



                    PS3 Remote



                    Another thing to note is that if you do decide to go with the Bluetooth version, I suggest stick to the recommended card I’ve mentioned above. There are a lot of after market cards which don’t function very well. The one mentioned can wake up with no delay from a hibernated stage of the remote.


                    Also if you want to wake up your nuc from a sleeping state, Windows 7 and Windows 8 function differently. Windows 7 can wake up from a shutdown state where as Windows 8 can only wake up from a hibernated state. I’m not sure if that has changed. I wake up the nuc with Wake On Lan on windows 7. I use a software called hipporemote on iOS which has a power button. Shutdown is never a problem.

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                      I need to stick with IR as im using a Logitech Harmony 900 Remote, i had thought about moving to the ultimate due to its ability to use IR/RF and BT but the reduced amount of physical buttons and odd position of the playback buttons put me off. The only downside im finding is the lack of ability to boot from cold so i have to suspend the box instead


                      Im also using the NUC solely for media playback so rather than booting a full fat OS i decided to use openelec, this boots rapidly off a USB key , plays back everything i can throw at it and is fre


                      I may look at getting the cable to suggested and reduce its length or possible buy the pits from a electronic store and make up my own.

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                        I too wanted to move to IR as I would get the ability of using the bose v35's remote but since i found it to be flaky with IR, the bluetooth option really works well with all the keyboard mappings you can do. My XBMC setup is done such that I boot to desktop and then instantly boot to xbmc. I don't boot directly to xbmc as a shell due to various reasons. I have setup netflix on WMC and added a shortcut directly for netflix and added that to the button on the remote. Its all seemless and integrated. I do know lots like openelec but if you look around, you can snag windows 7 for pretty cheap. I got an ultimate on CG for 30 but who knows how long that will stay activated. The Genuine check does say its genuine so I'm fine.

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                          I would use it to plug in my usb flash adapter which is really small. I boot vmware hypervisor esxi 5.5 off the usb drive. If I could plug it into the internal usb adapter that would free up a external USB port.

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                            Hi !

                            The NUCs are a hit. The efficiency and power are incredible. These are our new go-to office build computers (D34010WYK for now). I'm using a low profile USB 3.0 32GB card for primary SSD backup imaging (macrium reflect). The cost almost reaches out and touches another 120gb ssd. I was looking for a 5x2 usb motherboard header to a micro USB SD reader (high hopes, right?), but closest got to was this and a cheapie reader. But the size and the many cable links (and cheap readers) takes away from my peace of mind for reliability and cooling.


                            Please, please please put a micro SD reader -or TWO would be fantastic! Outside would be nice, but inside would be awesome -or both! The more, the better. Those things are so cost effective, and people love to use/play with them e.g. Using flash media in RAID 5 (or 1,0), mirroring flash media, auto grandfather/ father/ son backups, booting from them, etc. etc. !


                            I have also seen msata to SD card slots, but again, the price gets too far up there and takes up a slot.


                            Please dedicate a NUC design for office/business computers (D34010WYK ?).  Remove the IR and add a micro SD slot (or many!!). Even USB 2.0 would be better than nothing. (USB 3 also a big plus And: I have a great, easy, cheap solution for better securing the NUC from accidental falling from bracket or theft. I cut up a credit card and slide between the NUC's two standoff screws and the bracket's top screws. You have to finagle it for a while to get it removed. This is way better than nothing. Perhaps a clear plastic insert could be made easily... (hint hint) Those Kensington locks can add up too, but only because the NUCs have close to zero security. Something... Anything... would be better than nothing and a plastic insert would totally suffice for many offices. Oh and power on from keyboard would be good. Sorry I unloaded my NUC excitement in one spot! I got carried away (NUC!, NUC!, NUC!) -3 stooges reference sends suggestions straight to the decision maker for immediate implementation

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                              Hi Interloper,


                              Thank you for your positive vibes about NUCs! I've forwarded your comments on to our marketing team.


                              For the others in this thread - take a look now at Intel® NUC Boards and Kits — Sources for Intel® NUC cables. We have a source for a variety of different cable types, including USB, that can be used with the onboard headers.


                              Lois H.


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                                Intel describe their usb headers here

                                Intel® NUC Boards and Kits — Onboard USB Header Information


                                if you have the NUC5xxxxx then you need a white 1.25mm pitch 10pin usb header.


                                Lookup this part number (google bing or yahoo)

                                PN# INTL-2XUSB-P8


                                Hope this helps.