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    Ubuntu problems with  NUC DC3217IYE


      I have a NUC DC3217IYE that I am trying to put Ubuntu on, or any form of Linux on really.  The current versions that I have tried have been Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.04 and Linux Mint 15.  All of them have had the same basic problem.  It has a problem with the window focus, so when it's on it will not move between layers of windows. It also will have a problem that when trying to download items, my test item being an Ubuntu ISO it will shut off without provocation.  If any other information is needed to help troubleshoot I will be able to get it, I will probably just need to know what to input where.  Thanks

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          Hello Nickswitz,

          I would like to inform you that I just finish the installation of Ubuntu 12.4 on my DC3217IYE. I did not have a problem and it is working fine.

          I did not download drivers since I was just trying to duplicate your issue. I installed  the OS on AHCI mode on BIOS.

          You may want to forward your inquiry to Linux* Ubuntu distribution support community for further assistance since this is an operating system that we do not support.