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    Does anyone know the maximum total current draw across all USB ports on the DZ87KLT-75K or Z87 Chipset?


      My understanding is that any host USB 2.0 connection should be able to supply up to 500mA of power to a USB device. However, is it possible draw too much current from the controller? For instance, if the controller is connected to the maximum number of devices (in this case 14) and each is drawing 500mA, could this affect the performance of the controller? I couldn't find any total maximum spec on this board. I was looking at the spec for the ICH10 chipset. It offers I think 12 USB (I think some USB 3.0 and some USB 2.0, which might have different current specs) ports. As a thought experiment, let's say that they need to have 500mA for each port. This would mean that the controller would need to draw 6As at 5Vs somewhere in it's maximum specs. However, I don't see anything close to that in the spec (granted it would be easy to miss as the specs are hundreds of pages long). And at lower voltages, I'd expect to find an even higher current draw which I couldn't find either.


      Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!