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    DG45ID and WOL...




      We just installed computers in classes, motherboard DG45ID, and we're not able to WOL(Wake.On.LAN) as in the past with intel based motherboards.

      We have tried different options/settings, before and after, having received them mostly with Bios(v.0091) and some with Bios(v.0095), which we successfully updated to Bios(v.0097) the most recent available up to last week.

      We see this week available Bios(v.0101), which doesnt seem to include anyhting in reference.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi, there


          I think you need to enable following two items

          1. Enable wake on lan from S5 in BIOS.

          2. Enable allow wake up with a magic packet from shutdown  under APM power management in PROset.




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            Hello Frank,

            Thanks for taking time to reply, it's appreciated and helpfull.

            We have been able to make it properly function, with following settings:

            - Was allready Enabled, Wake-On-Lan from S5,

            - Enabled by default, in network card advanced properties, Magic-Packet and Directed-Packet,

            - Needed to also Enable, PME in network card advanced properties, which was Disabled by default.

            Thanks once again.