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    Intel i7-920 temperature


      I have the i7-920 cpu running on DX58SO Intel motherboard. I have the following problem for the second time.


      I am running windows xp sp2 and i have intel desktop control center (last version) installed, when i go to check the cpu temperature it shows 127triangleT, whitch mean no temperature because the black arrow is on the beginning of the green and not the red.


      when i go to the bios i see the temperature of the cpu 0c...........


      my pc is fine i don't see any problem with the heat

      ambiant 35c

      cpu voltage regulator temperature 40c

      IOH 43c


      fans are all running fine, by the way this happened to me twice, 1 on the original bios and now on the updated bios so i don't think it's from the bios.

      also if it's the cpu connector fan how it could be that it happened before...than worked normal than happening now?


      so i really don't know where is the problem..is it from IDCC (intel desktop control center)?


      I would like to have some answers especially from the intel forum



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