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    Upgrade CPU to the max


      Hello everyone how are you?


      I´m here because i need your help. So i have a laptop with an intel board and cpu, that im upgrading. I have an Intel PM45 board with an Intel mobile

      core 2 duo T9400




      I have searched a lot, this will be my first time upgrading hardware and i´ve come to this but i have no clue if it is accurate so i do need your confirmation please. Can i upgrade my cpu to any of these 3?

      T9900, QX9300 or X9100?


      If so, which one is the best, in your opinion? Can i improve to quacore cpu? I do not intend to play with this laptop, for that i use my desktop pc but i do use it and intend on using it to work. I use a lot of cad programs with 3D modeling and calculation program at the same time.


      I have already upgraded my ram to the max of 8gb ddr2 800MHz.


      I´ve noticed that my current CPU (T9400) has a max TDP of 35W and the QX9300 has 45W. Does this mean i will fry the board?


      To end, what is your opinion what is best? More L2 cache or faster clock speed, because i´ve found different opinions so far on what is best, for 3D modeling and calculation programs,


      Thank you so much for your help, that i really need, best regards!