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    DG45ID BIOS failures and side effects



      1)  I recently updated the BIOS from 0079 to 0091.  After 0091 successfully installed, I attempted to install 0101.  This has given me some problems.  (These problems all existed under 0091, 0097, and 0101.  I didn't not attempt to use 0089 or 0093.)


      Attempting to install the BIOS upgrade 0101 via the recovery .BIO will not work as it freezes on every reboot.  The Express BIOS update loads 'unsuccessfully' and always tells me that it found a read-only file 'C:\Users\Media\AppData\Local\Temp\vssver2.scc' which needs to be installed or uninstalled.  A yes or a no still fails the BIOS upgrade.  Upgrade via the Iflash will only work if I use the /nr (no reboot) option, otherwise it acts like the recovery BIOS update.  Once it has successfully flashed, the status of the flash still says there were errors.  It successfully flashed the 'backup recovery firmware', the 'memory initialization firmware', the 'recovery firmware', and the 'main firmware'.  It failed on flashing the 'Intel Management Engine firmware'.  (This at one point gave me an error code of 0015h)


      The BIOS says it is 0101, but the Iflash app says there is a failure (I use iflash2 /s and the values continuously scroll by until I use [^C]).  I don't know which to believe.  Is there anything I can do with this?



      2) Updating the BIOS past 0079 has made it so that if I have the HDMI connected during boot, the system locks up at the BIOS.  It doesn't matter if the HDMI is connected to the motherboard or to an external PCIe video card, it will freeze.  As my BIOS is (theoretically) at its highest current revision, is there a setting or something that would cause this?  If I attach the HDMI after it boots into Vista, it will work (sometimes).  This is my media center computer, so I do need to display through an HDMI.


      Another side effect is that the boot screen in the BIOS cannot have the 'Boot to Removable Devices' option enabled.  If it does, this will also freeze the BIOS and not allow it to continue.  This is only a problem because this is not a default option.  I could leave this option enabled on 0079 without a problem.



      I'm a little stumped as to what I should do next to fix any of these issues.  Any ideas?