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    Available memory, XMP and Bus Speed



      I've just purchased a DH87MC motherboard and I have the following issues:

      1. When I enable XMP, in BIOS I can see the ratio going to 12 and result going to 1600MHz but the final result in windows is 1333MHz. Only when I manually select 1600 then it works fine.

      2. Usable memory is 7.8GB, even though I've disabled onboard graphics.[Windows7 x64 Professional]

      3. The system memory buss is at 99.77 instead of 100MHz, resulting in lower frequencies for my CPU [i7 4770]

      • I've tried playing around with the EIST and other turbo features, no success
      • Initially in the system I had the bus to 100MHz but the multiplier was fixed at 30, so the resulting frequency was 3GHz, not the default 3.4GHz


      I have the latest BIOS installed [0047]


      Any suggestion is kindly appreciated.


      Thank you.