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    SFT teaming probe issue

    Helene Duriez



      I'm using Windows 7 embeded and SFT teaming on 2 adapters.

      On this teaming, 3 VLANs are created.

      I want to garantie my path so I configure the connection monitoring to probe one of my network equipement.

      I ran Wireshark to analyze this traffic and here are some interresting points I saw :

      - If I enter the management IP of one of the Cisco switch, no answer.

      - If I probe a Ubunter server, no answer

      - If I probe a Windows server (or desktop) it's OK


      Furthermore with Wireshark (1.8.4) the frames sent by the driver are seen as "Ethernet Frame check sequence incorrect" and look like that :


      Sender MAC address: Bull_38:67:b0 (08:00:38:38:67:b0)

      Sender IP address: (

      Target MAC address: 00:00:00_00:00:00 (00:00:00:00:00:00)

      Target IP address: (


      I saw that some equipments doesn't answer because the frame has no IP source so I want to know if there is any trick to specify the IP source (regedit, config file etc.) ?