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    I want some new games for my PC.

      Hi.I am having a Compaq's Laptop with Intel's dual core proceesor @ 1.73 GHZ , 2 GB DDR2 RAM ,Mobile Intel 965GM Express chipset(Minimum Graphics Memory: 8 MB Maximum Graphics Memory: 384 MB)  and a 32 bit operating system. I want to play some new games on it.I want to play games like Gears  of war or gta 4.If there is any possible way I can play them please suggest me that and please please suggest me some new games that I can play on it.

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          With a laptop and specs that low I can only recommand older games and not graphics demanding games. Gears of War to really enjoy you need discrate graphics card with DX10. For your sytem I say Orange Box is good and counter strike will run fine. I have those games run on my laptop which was pentium M family back then.

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            Hi there,


            As Yurimaster said earlier, according to the specs of your laptop you cannot play these games properly on it. To really enjoy some of the great games on a laptop you definitely need to have a dedicated graphics card and at least a Core 2 duo processor with 800Mhz or higher FSB and 2GB or more memory.


            In terms of games, it is difficult to tell you which new games you can play on it since there are many compatibility issues especially with graphics card and processors. You may have a look on this site and find more information and read reviews and ask questions on their forums and may be somebody there would be able to advise you on any specific games according to your taste as well: http://uk.gamespot.com/pc/index.html?navclk=pc&tag=nav-top;pc