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    Intel Server Board S1200BTL Video Onboard Drivers




      we are running several servers with S100BTL Boards and I was wondering about some strange issues (e.g. not all resolutions available, stopping "windows is starting" animation and so on..). Device Manager said installed graphics adapter is "Matrox G200e Server engines", then i tried deleted the driver and uses the Windows standard Device and i had a smooth working animation and another resolution! But that´s not a solution for me! I mean why are there drivers on the CD and not working properly (or maybe the wrong...).

      I visited Intel Download Center and searched all S1200 downloads and found drivers related to S1200BTS (in the Info is written not to use with S1200BTL...) so i continued but didnt find anything!


      So i make it short 

      Are there any drivers for the S1200BTL video on board chip!?!

      OS: WIN7 64 BIT