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    Question about intel mobile 945GM Express chipset.


      A few days ago, I re-installed Windows XP from my backup disk. Before that, I could play my favorite game, Morrowind. Now, I still can, but I got some graphic glitch. I've searched and read a lot on the web trying to figure out what was my problem. The only clues I got pointed me toward a Direct3D issue related to the fact I was using an on-board intel graphic card. Most infos I found stated a way or another that playing that game on a laptop was assured to have those glitch. The thing is I was playing the game before, without that glitch. So I know it is possible. Especially since the game 3D engine only use Direct3D, not openGL. I've read that it could be that with older graphic drivers, possibly that graphic glitch would not be a problem. The Acer basic drivers that came on my original Windows installation (i.e. factory installed) were, and the one I could find on intel support is I tried both, with no success. Right now, 4497 are on, they were availible on Acer download page. I read somewere on intel site that it may be best to use the manufacturer driver since the may have tweaked them for their specific product. If it never haved worked in a perfect way before, I would have taught all I read was right, that Morrowind, like most game are not meant to run on a lap-top. But it was indeed working right before!!!


      I've included these informations, maybe they can help you figure it out :


      Report Date:  06/04/2009
      Report Time[hr:mm:ss]: 22:33:45
      Driver Version:
      Operating System:  Windows XP* Professional, Service Pack 3 (5.1.2600)
      Default Language:  French
      DirectX* Version:  9.0
      Physical Memory:  1014 MB
      Minimum Graphics Memory: 8 MB
      Maximum Graphics Memory: 224 MB
      Graphics Memory in Use: 11 MB
      Processor:  x86 family 6 Model 14 Stepping 8
      Processor Speed:  1662 MHZ
      Vendor ID:  8086
      Device ID:  27A2
      Device Revision:  03

      *   Accelerator Information   *

      Accelerator in Use:  Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family
      Video BIOS:  1264
      Current Graphics Mode: 1440 x 900 True Color (60 Hz)


      *   Devices Connected to the Graphics Accelerator   *

      Active Notebook Displays: 1

      *   Notebook   *

      Monitor Name:  Écran Plug-and-Play
      Display Type:  Digital
      Gamma Value:  2,0
      DDC2 Protocol:  Supported
      Maximum Image Size: Horizontal: Not Available
         Vertical:   Not Available
      Monitor Supported Modes:
      1440 x 900 (60 Hz)
      Display Power Management Support:
      Standby Mode: Not Supported
      Suspend Mode: Not Supported
      Active Off Mode: Not Supported


      So the big question is : Do any of you have an idea that can help me ? I can't find out what was different back then that would make my graphic look great again.


      Oh! and the graphic glitch is happening where two textures are overlapping. here is a picture...




      See the door, half disapeared... While moving in game all doors, character and junction between water/land are flickering, appearing and disapearing. It get ******* the eyes. Like I said, it was not doing this before. If any of you have an idea for me, I will be more than happy.


      Played the game for 6 month without problems and now this.


      If nobody can help me, well, thank you for taking the time to read me

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          you know.. i've the same graphical glitch and same chipset on my laptop.   i think it's just the driver, but i have no previous version of the driver to test it.  thankfully it only happens with like... 4-7 doors in the whole game.  as you know it's a common enough issue with pretty much all intel graphics cards. Honestly i don't think there really is anything you can really do about it except for changing the 3d settings in control panel and pray something corrects it. aside from that you could try a different screen resalution, assuming you haven't already.


            I however have an even worse problem... the game crashes... frequently. . . though quite consistantly when in graphically intensive situations.  lots of shiny enchantment effects on arms and armor, many spellcasters casting at once, etc.  biggest pain is in the tribunal expansion when i go to talk to almalexia. unless i have the camera at just the right angle, the driver crashes out, taking the game with it, when i try to open the journal, or talk to almalexia while in the high chapel.   I suspect a shoddy driver, or just purely lack of RAM.. Likely both.


            oof.. now im being one of those crazy thread jackers.  sorry. 

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            Recently i came across Morrowind Graphics Extender, which seems to have fixed the water issue, it now looks half decent.  also i don't recall encountering the issue with the door/house texture since installing it as well.  but i've since installed Morrowind visual pack as well, so either could have fixed that. morrowind looks very nice now on my computer.  sure i only get like 18-22 fps outdoors, but it was worth the hit i think.  Sorry, i've not had the good sense to enable screen shots on my install yet.

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              I know it's been a good long while, but I've since installed more RAM, and changed drivers(sherry 1.3.1), and I did see an increase in performance, and don't recall seeing that glitch anymore, but then I pretty much always install that texture pack, along with MGE, so again that could be it as well.  Unfortunately for you there's no xp version of that driver, and my laptop has since been hit by lightning(so I've no means of confirming).  However, there is a community of folks centered on gaming with intel based cards.  I eventually found the above driver there.  Chances are you'll probably get better help over there at their forums.   were I you though, it's just best to find a texture replacer that fixes that issue...but definitely check out that forum anyway.