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    EFI Shell will not execute fwpiaupd.efi.


      I've been trying to do a firmware update via the EFI Shell.  (DOS is failing too)  I can not get the EFI Shell to execute "fwpiaupd.efi".  The message is  "fwpiaupd is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file". .


      For excruciating details see (In the Server Room), "Intel Hot Swap Backplane Controller Firmware Update firmware update crashes with S3200SHC"


      Current hardware:


      S3200/3210SHC BIOS 47, BMC .31,HSC 2.02 & SDR 13.

      Motherboard P/N D86139-204

      Bios (American Megatrends) Version

      EFI Shell Version 1.10 [8192.1] "Current running mode 1.1.2"

      Bios has is is set to defaults.  Re-loaded  BIOS, BMC, SDR.

      4GB mem

      Xeon 3075 @ 2,66GHz

      DVD on Sata Port 5



      AXX6DRV3GEXP F/W 2.02

      IPMB cable connected to the backplane and to the motherboard's only HSBP Port

      2 Power Cables attached to the Backplane