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    Intel Matrix Storage Manager: all disks are offline members and no raid volumes defined after attempted rebuild


      Hi everybody, I have read around and seen people with similar problems to this but I think mine might be a tiny bit unique enough to warrant its own thread.


      I'm running Windows 8 on a SSD with a 4 disk RAID 5 array for data. When I originally set everything up, I put my user profile on the data array to free up space on the SSD. Anywho, yesterday when I booted up the storage manager reported the raid was degraded and one of the disks had failed. I bought a replacement disk and popped it in today. When I booted up again it detected the new drive and gave me the option to rebuild. It said that the rebuild had to take place in the OS so I let it boot into Windows.


      When I boot into the OS, it gave me a BSOD and rebooted. After that, the intel storage manager reported that there was no RAID volume defined and all of the disks are "offline members."


      I tried following the instructions in this thread: http://communities.intel.com/thread/30317 but I realized when trying to boot into Windows that, since my Users folder is on the corrupted drive, it won't let me log in. So currently I have the old RAID disks listed as Offline Member and the new disk as Non-RAID disk.


      So my question is this: Is there any way to rebuild the RAID outside of the main OS? Maybe through a linux live CD or HBCD or something? If not, it becomes more of a Windows question: can I boot into Windows with a temp admin profile, kind of like audit mode?