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    Adding SSD device to HP 8470 P laptop or any Laptop !


      Hi ,

      I need to fit the SSD 520 Series to my HP Laptpn - Elitebook 2170p or 8470P .

      My Qs :

      1.What is the Thickness of this SSD 520 Series attached in the pic? - 9.5 mm or 7mm ?

      Attached is the pic( sorry I didnt click it otherwise i too could have measured it)

      2.What is the system requirement for interfacing above SSD to any laptop(OS - Win7/8, RAM?).

      I am disappointed to see that maximum Size of Hard Drive which Can be interfaced is 256 GB and That too on 8570P.

      Please advice





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          According to the picture you posted this is the HP version of the Intel® SSD 520 Series and it appears to be 7mm because it does not have the plastic spacer on top.


          The drives are operating system independent; however, we suggest using an operating system with TRIM support (Windows* 7, Windows* 8, Linux*) and a SATA II or SATA III port. We highly recommend verifying with the computer manufacturer for a list of validated SSD models for your system.