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    i5 4570 haswell PSU compatibility problem


      I build a new rig

      i5 4570

      Asus z8z-a

      Patriot Black Viper 1866 2x4GB

      Chieftec BPS 750w c2 PSU (its CWT based PSU) CHIEFTEC | NITRO 85+II

      Chif BPS is their top line so don`t say crap PSU it cost 110e here also its CWT production so many other brands use same!


      There is a problem at power on, the CPU light on mobo lit red and no post, i need to punch the power on/off few times to make it post, each time it managed to post i get bios error, Overclocking failed, default loaded (but i don`t OC and bios is at default) after that system is 100% stable, next restart again no post

      Tried disabling C6, C7 did not help, also removing extra GPU, PCI cards, just one memory modul all the same


      Then i tested PSU with SB 2500K no issue at all! so Chiftec BPS PSU is fine!


      Now i am using OLD LC Hyperion 700w PSU with haswell and all working gr8 for past week!


      I plan to buy new PSU but i am confused, looks like there is more to it, not just C6/C7 state but also power on problems with some of the PSU and i duno which one to buy?