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    I am having some issues updating my Driver


      I have issues updating my Intel (R) HD Graphic Card, The version is and that is about all I know, I am using a dell computer with intel Core i3. On the driver update website I have literally downloaded about 20+ drivers when it downloads I get an error message on every single one saying that my computer doesn't have the minimum requirements for the driver update. I am lost and need some professional help since I proved to myself that I am terrible with computers.  If I didn't give enough info please tell me how to find more and I will post it.

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          Since you have tried with multiple drivers from Intel® you may want to download the drivers directly from the computer manufacturer. Intel® provides generic drivers that may not work with some computer models due to customization from the manufacturer; therefore, we strongly recommend getting the drivers and software from their website (Dell) as they have tested them with your system.


          Additionally and just to make sure that you tried with the proper driver from Intel® you may want to provide the processor model number from the System properties window in Control Panel (or pressing Windows* key plus the Pause key).