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    the manufacturer's warranty




      My question is regarding the manufacturer's warranty for a processor I7-3770 k. on the site of intel, well I saw that this warranty was 3 years for the boxes. My worry is that on the amazon site, this processor is displayed with a manufacturer's warranty of 1 year. surprise I have write and this is what it told me:

      Following your e-mail, I conducted research and informs you that the

      manufacturer's warranty for the product "Ivy Bridge Core processor Intel

      "i7 - 3770S / 3.50 GHz Quad LGA 1155 8 MB Cache Version box" is 12

      month. It is time that our supplier provided us


      so I think that this provider is ill-informed but there would be ' there a reason that can explain this warranty?


      Thanks in advance


      Kind regards

      PS: do not speak English, I translated this text with translator, but if you could answer me in French, would be perfect.