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    Is Web Development (Ruby on Rails etc.) bad for SSDs?


      I own Intel X25-M SSD 80 Gb - Model: SSDSA2MH080G1GC and I have installed Linux Ubuntu, with all the tweaks for SSD on Ubuntu, since there is no TRIM support for this drive.

      I intend to use this SSD for Web Development of Rails applications (use of GIT, HEROKU, SPORK, RSPEC etc).

      So I wonder how long will it last since I am pretty heavy user; And is it recommended, anyway, to use SSD for Web Development.

      I have looked and read through many forums and many comments and I am not beginner or someone who does not understand what are downsides of many Write operations on SSD or such stuff and really I don't need specification listing here as an answer (like "...you have that many writes..." and "...throughput is xyz ....", I just need plain old use cases and real experiences from users and of course I need opinions too, and good old thinking through before putting some answer on here.

      Thank you very much .