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    DP45SG not booting.



      My name is Mike and I am having some issues with my motherboard.


      I was playing a game last night and I went to plug in my headphones and then my microphone into the front panel of my tower, as soon as I plugged in my microphone the computer just turned off. It won't turn back on. The power led on the motherboard is blinking as well, I think it is some sort of code about what is going on but I can't find any info on what it means. I am currently troubleshooting trying to figure out the problem.

      I have taken the motherboard out of the case and put it on a mat. I have th CPU and PSU hooked up and I took out the CMOS battery after reading some other posts.


      Please, any assistance would help me out greatly.


      My setup for those who want to know:

      Mobo: Intel D45SG

      CPU: Intel Q9300 Core 2 Quad

      PSU: PC Power and Cooling Silencer 610

      RAM: 2x G-Skill 2GB DDR3

      Graphics: Sapphire ATI HD 4830

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          Hi there,


          It may be something short-circuiting the board or may be the board is already short-circuited by the front panel connection.


          Before trying to place an RMA for the board, I will suggest you to do these steps:

          Actually, i think it is best that you try your system out of the chassis.
          Leave the system with minimum configuration.
          Only Board + CPU + Memory and Graphics Card.
          Switch the BIOS COnfiguration Jumper to Maintenance/Configuration Mode.
          Boot up the system using a screwdriver by short-circuiting the right pin (check on the TPS for information, dont use the front panel header)

          If it boots up, try to recover the bios again as a precaution.

          If you need help on the recovery BIOS Method:
          Note: these can be found on:
          Website: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/17197/eng/BIOS%20Update%20Readme.pdf


          If system does not boot up, remove the memory to see if it does issue any beeps.
          If no beep.


          Place an RMA for the board thru Intel if > 30 days Purchase or go to your reseller for RMA
          Website: http://supportmail.intel.com/scripts-emf/welcome.aspx?id=37


          Let me know how it goes.


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            Thanks for the reply,


            Sadly I have tried everything you have suggested: outside the chassis, minimum config (even without the RAM and graphics to see if it gets a mem test failure - still nothing), switching the BIOS pin and resetting the CMOS and still getting the same result - nothing turns on and only the power led on the motherboard blinks.

            I am trying to figure out if it is only the motherboard that is the problem or if it is the processor too.

            Hopefully these pieces of hardware are the only things that are having problems. At least everything is still under warranty.


            Thanks again for your reply Aryan.

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              Hi Skitch,


              Glad to be of help to you. I guess the board is dead. Because from my previous post, i mentioned all the basic test that needs to be done in case of failure.


              All the best with your RMA, probably the same type of questions that i told you to do will be asked.