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    E10G42BTDA SDK




      I am doing my MSc thesis on a system which moves a huge amount of data to a PC through optical fiber.

      I've bought E10G42BTDA wich mounts Intel 82599ES.

      On the system side I have an FPGA.

      I'm wondering if there is any DLL that I can use to read data coming from the FPGA.

      I'm running C# code to read.

      If not, how can I make it feasible?

      Thank you!!




      Kaiyu Lin

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          If you don't get much response from the server community, you can also try the network adapter community over at Wired Ethernet

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            hi ,

            I am also doing my MSc thesis with 82599es, I also met some problems , do you know whether  we can control the sequence of transmitting packets ( i mean sometimes we need transmit control packet with highest priority). And whether  we can utilize the collision detection mechanism , if we can, can we control the random back off time ?