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    DP67BG crash/no boot -- Video card related




      Every couple of months computer won't boot (but I shut down several times a week), gives 2 beep message signifying that a graphics card can't be found. At first I worked around this problem by simply turning off all power, removing the graphics card, and replacing it exactly the same way. It would then boot fine. This has happened 2-3 times in the year I've had it.


      Then yesterday I had a crash while I was playing a video game. When I tried my cheap work around it still wouldn't boot. In desperation I tried putting the graphics card in the card 2 slot and it worked, but I had to re-install the drivers.


      Just crashed again while watching a youtube video. This time, however, it booted fine.


      All graphics card drivers are up to date.




      Intel DP67BGB3

      EVGA GeForce GTX 570

      Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600 MHz

      i5 2500k 3.3 GHz

      OCZ 128GB Vertex 4

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          Hello Milsivich,


          First of all, we would need to troubleshoot the system without the video card, to check if the problem is related to a defective motherboard.

          - So please test the system out of the chassis, with minimum configuration (motherboard, processor, 1 memory stick and power supply) no video card.

          -Remove the CMOS battery and leave the system without it for about an hour. Then put it back on and restart the system. http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-028780.htm?wapkw=clear+cmos+battery#datetime

          -You may need to check if there is any new BIOS version available so you can flash it on the motherboard.

          - Once you test the system using the onboard video, please include the video card on the PCI-e.  I also recommend you to update the firmware of it.

          -If the issue persisted, try using another video card/ wirelesscard/ etc  in order to discard a defective PCI-e.



          -If the issue persist and if the motherboard is still under warranty please get in touch with our Warranty Department so they can help you to replace the unit: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contactsupport