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    Advanced-N 6230 not connecting to repeater (stronger signal)




      I have a Dell XPS 15 L502x laptop with Intel Advanced-N 6230 WiFi Card.


      Everything is working fine and as expected, except for one thing:


      I have a repeater for the second floor of my house since the signal of my router is very weak and there are dead spots.


      The router is a D-Link DIR-827 and the repeater is a D-Link DAP-1360.


      Every other device (iPhone, iPad, other smartphones) get the WiFi from the repater, hence the signal us very good.


      But for some strange reason my laptop won't connect to the repeater, even if the sigal is stronger that the router.


      It's important to mention that both, router and repeater, have the same SSID.


      Is there an option to fix this?