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    Need Some Help In Picking A Microprocessor For My Motherboard


      I have an Intel Desktop Board DQ965GF (the exact board revision is DQ965GF AAD41676-305) with a Pentium D 2.80 GHz installed and I would like to upgrade --if possible-- to a better (i.e. faster) microprocessor.  Unfortunately, I know very little about the whole process --and ever less about microprocessors in general!  Hence here I am...


      According to this link:


      I should be able to install any Pentium D, Pentium 4, Pentium Celeron D processor on my motherboard.


      According to this link:


      there are only a few microprocessor choices for board revision D41676-305.


      Therefore, a few questions for you:

      1)  Which link is correct?

      2)  Why is the Pentium D microprocessor not explicitely mentioned in the second link?  After all, my PC has one installed currently!

      3)  Why, according to link #2, will only certain microprocessor versions work with specific motherboard revisions?  Is it a matter of BIOS version installed on the motherboard?  If I flush the BIOS and install a newer version of it will I improve my choice of microprocessors?

      4)  Which microprocessor (compatible with my motherboard revision) is the fastest?  (In terms of business applications, CAD drawings, and general Internet surfing...)  It does not have to be a Pentium D microprocessor but I do not understand why link #2 uses microprocessor names that are not explicitly mentioned in link #1.


      Thanks in advance for your help.


      Oh, because I really am not an expert in this field, would be particularly appreciative for answers devoid of too many technical words (buzz words) which would go right above my head anyhow...  :-)



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          Hi there,


          For the board DQ965GF, the Pentium family and the Core 2 Duo family are also supported.


          Pentium Family Compatibility List:



          Core 2 Duo Family:



          Now the main thing is to keep an eye whether there is any requirement needed by the board for it to work with a certain CPU, so make sure to check the required bios version for each cpu compatibility. Make sure to check which SL and board revision are compatible  with each other.


          Regarding to compare a CPU, go the link below



          All the best,




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            Hi there,


            Actually both the links are correct. Any processor from these list will work on you this model of board provided you have the minimum recommended bios version and also the matching motherboard revision number (as required).


            The fist link gives you the list for older processors that were available before the motherboard was released. However the second link gives all the latest new series processors such as core 2 duos, quad cores and the new dual cores. So if you were to choose a processor to upgrade you cpu, I would advise you to look for the appropriate one in the second list.


            In your case, your motherboard revision is D41676-305 but most of the new processors from the second link are supported on later revisions of motherboard than yours. There's nothing much that can be done about this even bios update would not change this. But some processors will work on your boards revision (only those that contain your motherboard revision D41676-305, for example the E6700)


            Well in terms of performance, there are many factors that come into account. But personally the best one from the list that will work fine on your motherboard provided that you update the bios (if you have not done so), will be the E6700 with the SL9ZF.  It's a 2 cores processor with 4MB cache and 1066 FSB. However you should also note that if you want to have the full 1066FSB speed, you should also be using memory which are 1066Mhz frequency.


            If you want more information about the different processor just use this link http://ark.intel.com/ and type the exact model of processor in it and you will loads of details about the processor, you can also compare with other intel processor.


            Hope this will be helpfulto you.



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              Thank you Aryan2411 and unplugged_24 for your reply.

              I was hoping that somebody would point me to some site that has benchmark results for all Intel microprocessors so that I could compare the results.  Is there such a site?

              The site that both of you suggested, ark.intel.com, appears to compare tech specifications only.  I am mainly interested in comparing speed under different benchmark "scenarios".

              I hope I am making sense...