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    DP55SB No Video No Post?


      I recently got a board from the Intel Retail Edge program DP55SB motherboard, the Compatibility chart on intel said an i3-560 would work without a Min Bios Version:




      The computer does give video even after updating to the newest Bios.


      The graphics card I am using is a Galaxy Nvidia GT 610


      If I pull the pin to put the computer in bios recovery mode and put in a flash drive with KGIBX10J.86A (Download Center) it will enable the monitor show the graphics card information for a moment than show a black screen and will sit there with a post code of E6 than 5A than 68 and stay on a 68, no further changes at all, the monitor still detects there is video but does not show anything. If i shut down the computer and put the jumper in any position or have back to bios on it will turn on than shut off after a few post codes.


      The board has been RMAed once already and intel support refuses to help further. Next time I will buy AMD.