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    Graphics on D2500HN with XP


      We have bought a batch of Mini-ITX'es with the D2500HN motherboard and want (must) install XP on them.

      Everything works fine (with SATA-mode IDE) except for the graphics. I have tried every possible driver I could find at the dowloadcenter ( Download Center

      ) and everything looks good, but graphics performance is horrible. There seems to be no hardware acceleration at all. When we install Firefox, we get parts of some websites missing, black or not working. Our users refuse to work with this.

      Is there any solution for this?



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          Hello DVIntel,

          We are going to duplicate this issue in ours labs, however please let me know  the following information:

          *Are you having this behavior when using Firefox only?

          *What happen when using another browser?

          *Which video port are you using?

          *Which is the current  BIOS version of the motherboard?


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            Dear DVIntel,


            Just to check you are using the integrated graphics chip on this board? If so your most likely problem is the very poor standard of graphics drivers that Intel have provided for this chipset. For more information, and frustrated users search for GMA 3600 on these forums.





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              Hi Sylvia,

              * DirectX 9.0C DXDiag.EXE allows Direct3D testing, but nothing shows in the screen.

              * IE8 and Chrome are OK but slow. Firefox cannot be used (black parts and horribly slow)

                    When I remove the driver from EMGD_CDV_1_15_1_GC_3278.exe (and work with standard VGA) Firefox is ok but slow. No hardware acceleration

              * What do you mean by "video port"? I followed the guidelines in the EMGD_Configuration_Editor.pdf and defined port "syncmaster", but perhaps that's not what you mean?

              * BIOS is latest from download center: MUCDT10N.86A.0076

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                Alasdair555, I can't find any solution looking for GMA 3600.

                Is there something specific?


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                  I'm not sure what you mean by a solution. If you mean is there a way to run windows XP successfully on your motherboard, then  the answer is no. Intel does not support the use of Windows XP on this motherboard.


                  Links to suitable replies below:
                  Re: gma 3600 xp 2d3d?

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                    Alasdair555, that's the kind of answer we can work with.

                    I contacted our vendor to let them know about this. They agree to swap the motherboards for the older D525 with the 3150 graphics chip that perform well on XP and for which good drivers are available. I will keep one box with this rather poor D2500HN motherboard, to play around with.

                    I guess this means goodbye to Intel motherboards, at least for now.


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                      I'm glad I can help, if you want to be even more disappointed with Intel have a look at Intel's answer to another problem with this motherboard: Intel D2500HN