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    DQ77MK: DIMM3 not recognised when PCI-E x16 slot is populated.


      Hello people,


      I have a problem with my DQ77MK Desktop board. I'm using a 16 gig (4x4) RAM kit from Corsair (CMX16GX3M4A1333C9), but DIMM 3 shows up unpopulated in the bios (also in the OS, currently Win Server 2012). I have tried exchanging the module with a working one from another DIMM, but it still doesn't work. Windows system information reports (pastebin link to report) that there is a resource conflict between the Direct memory access controller and the PCI Express Root Complex. The PCI-e x8 card I'm using is a LSI 9240-8i SAS RAID controller.


      As I cannot find a setting for PCI-e resources in the bios, what can I do to regain my DIMM 3 slot?


      Kind regards,


      Joshua Vijsma


      *edit: PCI-e x8 card in question is a LSI 9240-8i instead of a LSI 9211*