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    SSD Firmware Update Tool will not upgrade the firmware on SSD 335 SSD


      My PROBLEM, for which I need Community help is that  The Intel Toolbox for my new SSD is showing that a FIRMWARE UPDATE is available and needed, but every attempt at getting it to install has failed.  I get the following error message after running the Firmware Upgrade Tool v2.0.3 from the iso disk that I prepared.  "Your system is running in IDE mode.  The selected SSD can't be updated with the SSD toobox in this mode.  Use the Firmware Update Tool located at..."  I used the file named  issdfut_2.0.3 to prepare the required iso image, booted off that CD and the tool began the firmware update and terminated in the above quoted error message.  It sends me to Intel Support, which is why I'm here now.


      I installed an Intel 335 SSD (180 GB) into my ACER Extensa 5420 laptop.  I used the Intel Data Migration tool and the entire installation went smoothly.  I'm running Win7 Home Premium SP-1 in 64bit mode on this machine with 4 GB RAM.  The original HDD was larger than the new SSD, but the data usage was much less than the 180 GB.  This ACER uses an AMD Turion 64 x2 Mobile 1.90 Ghz dual core processor. FYI, on the BOOT menu there is NO HDD password, NO indication of SMART capability, and NO place to select IDE or Legacy Support settings.


      After the installation was completed IDEO shows the INTEL SSD.  The BIOS MAIN menu shows Quiet Boot [enabled], Power-On Display {Auto], Network Boot [Disabled], F12 Boot Menu [Enabled], D2D Recovery [Disabled].  The BIOS ADVANCED Menu shows IR Port [Disabled], ASF Configuration with Min Watchdog timeout [10], BIOS Boot Timeout [10], OS Boot Timeout [10], Power-On Wait [60]..  Security settings in the BIOS are; Supervisor, USER, HDD and Passwords all [Clear], Pawword on Boot [Disabled].  Boot Priority was initially set to 1: CD/DVD; 2: IDE0; 3: IDE1, etc.  However, after the Firmware update tool loaded and failed to update the SSD firmware I reset the Boot Priority to IDE0 ad first boot device and CD/DVD as the 2nd boot device, though I've also removed the Firmware Update CD from the drive awaiting further help.


      I think I've followed all the directions very carefully and I cannot figure out why the firmware tool will not update the SSD.  Is it possible that this ACER motherboard doesn't support the SATA interface?  Of course, I have checked to see that I have all the latest drivers for Win 7 installed.  In the Win 7 Device Manager screen I did see one Exclamation Mark:  It points to Mass Storage Device.  As I write this, I have just succeeded in finding and installing the o2 Micro Integrated MS/MSPRO/XD Controller driver and now there are no errors reported in the Device Manager.  However, I have to now reboot to get the drivers to load, then reboot again with the Firmware update CD in the drive and see if it will update.  I had to compose this before I do that because it was quite difficult for me to find my way to this place to post this message!  The Intel Support Community could use some better navigation in my opinion.