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    Sound stuttering started after updating the chipset driver


      Hy, i've updated my chipset drivers a couple of days ago and ever since i've been experiencing sound stuttering whenever the cpu is high (or memory is low, i can't really quite tell). I tried to reinstall windows (clen install after formatting C) but the stuttering persisted. I'm guessing there is a problem with the hardware that started after updating or some changes in the bios but i can't really tell.

      Also, i've never experienced  update  dp35dpstuttering ever before, neither on this computer nor an older computer that i had. And after updating the chipset drivers i also noticed that my fps dropped dramatically in war thunder (from ~60 to ~40) and it still persisted after reinstalling windows even though my video drivers are the same and the settings in the game are the same.


      My specs are:

      intel core2quad 2,4 ghz

      intel dp35dp motherboard

      nvidia 250gts 512 mb

      4 gb ddr2

      windows 7 64 bit