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    Hot Spare does not join array


      I have an Intel SRCSAS18e. It has 4 drives installed in a
      RAID 5 array with a configured hot spare.


      One of the drives died (now identified as PD Missing from
      DG0: Slot4:69618mb). However, the hot spare did not roll into the array to
      replace the failed drive.


      This happened about a year ago and the hot spare behaved as
      expected, so the configuration should be correct. The system has been rebooted.
      I tried changing the type of hot spare. it did not affect the hot spare status.


      Then I replaced the bad hard drive. Whether the new drive is
      set for Unconfigured Good or Hot Spare it also does not replace the bad drive
      in the array.


      So right now I’ve got a degraded array with a hot spare and
      an unconfigured good drive.


      How do I get the drives as part of the array?