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    Identifying which port and PF owns a VF




      What is the most reliable way to identify that a given Virtual Function ( given a bus:address:function) belongs to a PF and to a particular por

      I saw that vfs with even/odd numbered function belongs to the first/second port/pf respectively.  But I have not seen this convention officially stated in the 82599 datasheet.  Is there a more reasonable and reliable way?



      OS:  ubuntu 13.4

      NIC:  82599 eb

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          The mechanism you found is the way on Intel NICs.  On a dual port NIC, all even # pci functions for VF's are assigned to the 1st port and odd to the 2nd.


          This may not be true on non-Intel NICs.


          The SR-IOV specification leaves a great deal of details up to the implementers, this is an area where there is no standard way of doing it, thus no easier way to determine from the OS.


          Have fun playing with SR-IOV.


          - Patrick