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    DC53427HYE i5 NUC Network Dropouts


      I'm on the 4th day of my new Intel i5 NUC with windows 7. I'm having an issue that I've read on the i3 NUC thread.

      The hard wired network keeps dropping out every 30 seconds.

      When the network is connected, the speed test tops at about 1.5 mbps when I have a 20 mbps line.



      The first 3 days, I was getting perfect speeds with the box. Tonight when I was trying to stream a content from my local network, I started to see buffering and looked into it further and identified this issue.



      i5 NUC

      256 mSata

      Wifi Bluetooth Intel Card

      Bios Upgraded to: RKPPT10H.86A.0023.2013.0529.1711

      All Latest drivers from the Nuc location


      I had the i3 NUC earlier which I returned for the i5 version of the NUC. I should have remained with the i3 version of the NUC as it was working perfectly fine. Too many returns on Amazon of these items causes them to red flag the account.


      Debugging Steps tried

      Installed Windows 8 and the problem still exists

      The exact same wire when plugged into my Laptop gives me full 21 mbps when compared to NUC's 1.2 mbps.

      I've tried changing the Link speed to 100 mbps full duplex to see if anything fixes it.


      Does Intel offer RMA to exchange this. I believe I have a defective Network Card. I really need the hard wire network to use the WOL feature for the media center.