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    Intel DX58SO UEFI boot fatal for ssd or second harddisk attached


      The dx58so works fine with uefi boot and windows 7 64 bit professional.

      but now that I want to add ubuntu 13.04 (uefi boot signed by microsoft) on a SSD then the system cvan not boot anymore.


      Perhaps the board has problems with ssd but nope, I removed the SSD and a second harddisk partitioned by ubuntu (swap and /temp)

      was still attached  and still no boot, windows can simply not start.


      Another thing that I've noticed, if AHCI is enabled in the bios, after a reboot, the bios switches back to IDE.


      And as soon when the second harddisk is removed so just the harddisk that contains windows is still used, then windows can start again.


      The ssd is a patriot pyro 60GB

      the second harddisk, no matetr which one, simply not allowed to add cause windows can't boot again.

      even if I select the boot menu and the windows boot manager , windows can't simply not start.

      Second harddisk removed and windows is back.


      Weird board