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    MB d5400xs



      I recently bought a d5400xs mb, two quad-core xeon E5440 2,83 LGA771 (with LGA775 active cooling), Asus GeForce EN8500 GT 1 gb, a 2 gb FB-DIMM DDR2 667 in channel A, Corsair HX1000W, and Coolermaster HAF922. Now when I am trying to boot the computer for the first time it will not boot. All the fans are spinning and the LEDs on the mb flashes but only the Standby power indicator remains on and the POST code display when I start the system. There is nothing coming up on the screen and the POST code says 00 (according to manual is it "ready to boot"). Can someone give a suggestion what to do?


      /The Doctor

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          Hi there,


          Assuming that you have these connections from the power supply to the board:

          1 1X8 Power Connector for the CPU or 2 X (1X4) for the CPU


          Try to remove the memory to see if you get any beeps from the board:


          If yes,


          Try to boot the system with a single CPU first, and a single memory, if it boots, update the bios of the board  to the latest version


          Since you have two cpu, you can easily cross test the hardware in order to know where the problem is.


          Remember basics rule for troubleshooting, build with the system with minimum configuration, the best thing is to test the system out of the chassis.


          Let me know how it goes.


          All the best,




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            Hi.  I am experiencing the same symptoms that the original poster described over 2 months ago, and I'm disappointed that he didn't post back to say how he got on. I will follow your advice and attempt to minimize the configuration to see if that helps.  My system is a little different, having the memory maxed with 4x4GB FBDIMMS, and two QX9775 chips.  Is the minimum configuration 1 cpu with 1 memory dimm?  If so, does it matter which memory slot and which CPU socket I use for a minimized setup?




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              Hi Aryan (and owenm)


              I'm so sorry that I haven't replied until know. I'm afraid that it didn't help to remove any hardware, I still don't get any beeps from the the MB. The machine is know at the IT-department at the University of Copenhagen to see if they can solve the problem. I promise that I'll turn back with the results.





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                Hi DrDoc - I've found a solution to the problem I was having (http://communities.intel.com/message/59667) and as the symptoms are similar to your own, it might help.  My problem was with the southbridge heatsink being tightened too much.  Any flex of the board seems to cause an issue in this area, at least for me.  If you've replaced the heatsink which covers the southbridge and the two nVidia PCI express controllers, or even if you removed and replaced the original, then this might be your problem.


                I guess either a connection was being broken, or two points were shorting.  Either way, loosening the screws a tiny amount "fixed" the issue with my board, and it boots fine now with both CPUs and a maxed out memory configuration.  I've been running Windows 7 RC on it for a couple of days now, and no problem.




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                  sorry for the 'English but I'm using Google Translate.
                  I come to the point are in possession of a few weeks D5400XS with 2 QX9775 and ram 4x2Gb now the problem I have is on the 'overclock the CPU because I see other friends who are able to achieve much better results than mine.
                  in practice can not exceed the X10 on the D5400XS why do not any part of the way, I also updated the bios to 'latest version, why can not I pick up the CPU, using the settings of my friends.


                  I hope to find some help here or at least a link to request assistance in setting all the parameters of the main board.


                  Thank you for the time I have been devoting
                  with l 'occasion I extend my greetings