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    Data migration error with Acronis tool


      Hi All

      I have a problem with the migration of data from my old drive to the SSD.

      I install the IDMS_15056 toll. I start the application. This requires a reboot. After rebooting, the keyboard Caps Lock and Scroll Lock keys blink.

      Then displays the following on the screen:

      Loading, please wait ...

      Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)

      Pid: 1, comm: swapper / 0 Not tained 3.6.6-acronis-B217-I382 # 1

      Call Trace:



          Kernel_thread_helper +0 x6/0x10


      Thanks for your help.


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          Hello Charles,


          I believe you are trying to copy a drive with multiple partitions and operating systems.


          In this I would suggest you to test with different cloning software in order to discard this possibility and also because the Intel® Data Migration Software is a free basic utility that may not include some advanced features included with other paid software.