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    DQ77MK - Scan Lines On Boot (HD4000 Linux)




      Randomly it seems, on boot, my left monitor (top dvi port) will show moving scanline artifacts and will remain until the next reboot or display mode setting. Please see the following image: http://i.imgur.com/aypX9cL.jpg. I have two identical computers built on this motherboard using different monitors, and they both exhibit this same behaviour regardless of kernel or distribution (the example image was stock ubuntu 13.04). I have not been able to find any bug reports, leading me to believe this is not a widespread HD4000 driver issue. Is this a known bug with this motherboard?


      System Info:


      DQ77MK - Bios 0053

      Dual Dell U2410 1920x1200 monitors using both dvi ports


      Thanks for your help!