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      This website is much better than in 2008....But! if you want to make a post on the forum you have to be a rocket scientist to discover the link. ANYWAY...


      I want a processor for socket LGA1150 that supports ECC memory, and I want to buy it right now!

      SuperMicro and several other brands are selling the Motherboards that support this configurations, but where are the cpu's? Waiting for apple to release the MacPro in the fall so they can be the firsts?

      Well, I want one CPU that supports ECC memory in a LGA1150 socket (since it was already launched, right?) And I want to buy it next week.


      Doesn't need to be a Xeon, I just want ECC support. Can anybody tell me where can I find them?

      I get headaches of some much hours I already spent looking for them...


      Guys, you guys rule in CPU development, the whole world thanks you for that, but there is something wrong with your marketing/website/support team...

      Less beautyness and more effectiveness, please!


      Thank you!