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    New NUC does nothing


      I purchased a new i3 / dual hdmi nuc from newegg.

      Intel BOXDC3217IYE Intel QS77 2 x 204Pin Intel HD Graphics 4000 Integrated by CPU Chassis: Aluminum and Plastic Black Next Unit of Computing Kit - Newegg.com


      I installed 8gb x 2 memory (16 total) that was listed as "reported by users to be compatible".

      G.SKILL Model F3-1600C10D-16GSQ Laptop Memory - Newegg.com


      I just plugged it in, pushed the power button, and nothing happened. I did not install an msata device as I intend to boot from usb, at least for now, like I have been able to with computers made in the last decade.


      Is NUC expected to be totally unresponsive, such that there is no noticeable activity at all, in the absence of an installed msata device?


      I figured I could at least go into the bios and maybe set it to test the memory while waiting for my linux os to finish downloading.