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    IRST crash win7


      HI, I use Asus Maxims Formula V MB, it use z77 as intel SATA controller, 3 days ago, my win7 got crash by itself than win7 keep stuck at startup screen (I guess should due to classpnp.sys) either in normal boot or safe mode (safe mode shows stuck at classpnp.sys), after stuck at there around 20 mins, it will turn into bluescreen (very short, only 1 seconds or even less) than auto reboot (either normal boot or safe mode).


      I try to do a clean install with win7 ultimate, same problem happen after all drivers installed and first time windows update (around 160 update patches), than I try to do isolation test for 2 days, than I discover problem were due to after install the IRST driver.


      I try installed IRST 12.5 at starting, after I discover problem were due to IRST, I tried IRST 12.0, than I am able to get into win7 but takes 4-5 minutes,

      and inside win7 I am not able to lauch the IRST app. it doesn't crash but it's not response (these test were done without any win7 update also Service Pack, no Anti-virus, No internet security installed, Win7 Install disc were same one as before, but now have issue).


      after uninstall IRST, it backs to normal (I think/feel the boot time is still longer than normal as I use Sandisk extreme  SSD, I memorize it should startup win7 less than 10 seconds [on same equipment] but now is around 20-25 seconds)


      Anyone have the same issue as mine? I am sure the problem is not due to overclock or software as it's clean install now and I never overclock CPU or Ram.

      Will it be the Z77 SATA controller problem?


      P.S. Bios SATA setting is ACHI, basicly there is no changes on bios recently.


      Hardware spec:

      MB: Asus Maxims Formula V

      CPU: i7 3770K

      Ram: 32GB DDR3

      Display: GTX470

      Power supply: Antec 700W

      HD: Sandisk extreme  SSD 256G (SATA3)