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    Please Help..


      I recently purchased the MFS2600KI server blades.  I was running on firmware 10.9 on my MFSYS25V2.  After installing the MFS2600KI in the MFSYS25V2 it was not detected.  I assumed since the MFS2600KI is relatively new the MFSYS25V2 needed a firmware update.


      In the natural progression of things I ended up on the Intel Downloads page for the MFSYS25V2 page.  I selected Independent OS's and BIOS.


      The following two popped up:


      Firmware update for Intel® Modular Server System MFSYS25V2     


      1. 11.6





      Firmware update for Intel® Modular Server System MFSYS25V2 only


      1. 10.16



      This is where I ran into the problem because I selected the one with the higher number (11.6) thinking it was more current.


      Now I found out that 11.6 does NOT support the MFS2600K but the 10.16 does.  The dilemma I am in is that I cannot downgrade to the 10.16 firmware.

      Is there a procedure that can be used to downgrade or restore the older firmware?


      Thank you,