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    Plans for more than 3 USB ports??


      Is there any plans for a NUC that can have more than 3 USB devices plugged in? We wish to use them in retail and after the keyboard and mouse are plugged in there isn't any room to plug in Receipt Printer/Barcode Scanner/Label Printer/Electronic Payment Handset.


      We have thought of a powered USB hub (or two) but from experience they are unreliable.

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          Hello ClintNZ,


          In the September/October time frame, there will be a new NUC version that has two USB ports on the front and two on the back. For now, there are other options:


          - if you have installed one of the Intel WiFi cards that supports bluetooth, use that to pair up with bluetooth keyboard and mouse instead, freeing up two ports

          - use a 'universal' USB dongle that supports mouse and keyboard wirelessly, freeing up a port

          - use a hub; we have a customer report of one that works at http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-033763.htm



          Lois H.


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