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    USB Provisioning


      Hi Experts,

      Please recommend best solution for Intel vPro USB Provisioning in corporate environment.

      -actual certificate from Godaddy

      -Intel  SCS 8.2 is used with AD Integration

      -AMT versions 5/6/7/8

      -Windows 7 joined to domain configured with ACUconfig.exe via GPO(they configured perfectly and visible on SCS console).

      But also we have non-domain Windows and Linux PC's, so we need use USB Provisioning.

      I didnt find clear instructions how to create correct/applicable setup.bin for USB provisioning(and how to make  that PC's configured with setup.bin become visible on SCS Console

      I have tried use SCS -> Tools -> Prepare USB Key for Manual Conf... on AMT 7.x machine, but unsuccessfully, machine wasnt appeared on SCS Console.


      What is best utility may I use for my purpose ACUconfig.exe(with /ConfigviaUSB) or USBfile.exe(from latest SDK package)?


      Please give few examples and write, if additional configuring of SCS server is needed.


      Thank you.