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    Intel G41 Express Chipset not functional


      I have a Core 2 duo 3Ghz and a Graphics card of G41 express chipset

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit., 4gb ram.

      dxdiag says Graphic card is approx total memory is 1695 mb while on 32 bit only says 1.3 something I guess upgrading to 64 bit

      was a good choice, but my problem is playing games. I played League of Legends in lowest possible settings, at first FPS is good it reaches

      about 60-80 fps but when it gets intense to the max FPS drops dramatically way down to 20fps, this shouldn't happen to a graphic card like this

      I play League of Legends in my old 2gm ram and 256 mb Graph card and it runs smoothly in 30fps w/ no dramatic lagging and when playing at computer shop that has 1024mb graph card League of Legend can play 60fps in highest settings smoothly with no defects .. I installed MSI

      Afterburner when I open the application it doesn't have any controls it seems as if it doesn't detect any graphic card?.. I don't know what to do.. It doesn't say anything in the Graphic card and Driver version its blank., I Updated the drivers to the latest version., dxdiag says driver version is  date:11/14/2012.  even in playing in other games like Ace Online It doesn't run smoothly with no flaw at lowest settings,  I need some help here.